Dine in



VEGETARIAN Description Price..
SAMOSA Spicy vegetables filled in the triangular pastry. $7.50
ALOO BONDA(Gluten free) Lightly spiced potato balls in chickpea batter and deep fried. $7.50
PAKORA (Gluten free) Mixed vegetables lightly spiced in chickpea batter and deep fried $7.50
ONION & SPINACH BHAJJI(Gluten free) Sliced onions and chopped spinach battered with chickpea flour and deep fried $7.50
HARIYALI PANEER TIKKA (Gluten free)(NEW) Home style cottage cheese, marinated with spices, herbs and grilled in tandoor oven $8.50



NON-VEGETARIAN Description Price
KEEMA SAMOSA Spicy mince & peas filled in triangular pastry and fried. $8.50
MURG MALAI TIKKA (Gluten free)(NEW) Tender boneless chicken marinated in a special creamy yogurt sauce and barbecued in a tandoor oven. $10.50
CHICKEN TIKKA(Gluten free) Boneless chicken marinated overnight & cooked in the tandoor. $10.50
CHICKEN LOLLIPOP(Gluten free)(NEW) Chicken wings marinated with Indian spices, dipped in special batter and deep fried. $10.50
LAMB CUTLETS(Gluten free) Predominantly ginger flavoured lamb cutlets marinated in yoghurt and spices.Cooked to perfection in the tandoor $12.90
RESMI KABAB(Gluten free) Tender lamb minced cooked on skewers in the tandoor. $10.90
PRAWN PAKORA(Gluten free) Fresh prawns with spices dipped in special batter and crisp fried. $10.90
ONLY PLACE NON-VEG PLATTER (Gluten free)(NEW) Includes 1 piece each of Chicken lollipop, Chicken tikka, Lamb Kebab, Prawn pakora $12.90
MIXED ENTREE(Gluten free) Includes 1 piece each of vegetable samosa , Chicken tikka, Lamb kabab $10.90
TANDOORI CHICKEN(Gluten free) Chicken with bone marinated in spices, ginger, garlic with yoghurt & cooked in the tandoori. (Half $ 10.90) $18.90



Main course
CHICKEN Description Price..
MANGO CHICKEN (Mild)(Gluten free) Traditional Goan curry ,boneless chicken cooked in rich Mango sauce, garnished with dry fruits $17.90
BUTTER CHICKEN (Med/Mild)(Gluten free) Boneless chicken cooked with cashew nuts & finished in a creamy toamto sauce with touch of spices $17.90
CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA (Med/Hot)(Gluten free)(NEW) Chicken tikka tossed in onion & tomato masala with hint with cashew nut & butter $17.90
CHICKEN CHENNAI (Mild/Hot)(Gluten free) Popular in south india as spicy madras curry, cooked with capsicum & coconut cream $17.90
KADAI CHICKEN (Mild/Hot)(Gluten free) Fully flavoured curry. Chicken toasted with onions, capsicum, tomatoes, fenugreek and coriander $17.90
EGG MASALA(Gluten free) Western indian spicy dish cooked with boiled eggs $17.90



LAMB & BEEF Description Price..
LAMB CHETTINADU(Med/Hot)(Gluten free) A coastal delicacy of south india. A rich spicy gravy with a touch of poppy seeds,fennel & pepper;garnished with tomato $18.90
R0GAN JOSH (Med)(Gluten free) Traditional kashmiri dish, Lamb cooked with aromatic spices $18.90
LAMB KOFTA CURRY A fragrant spiced lamb kofta’s simmered in yogurt based curry sauce $18.90
LAMB CHOPS MUSSALLAM (Med)(Gluten free)(NEW) This dish was popular among the royal Mughal families of Awadhi. Lamb chops cooked in rich gravy with touch of poppy seeds and cinnamon, served on bed of flavoured rice. $18.90
LAMB SAAGWALA(Med)(Gluten free) A culinary perfection in a blend of exotic spices & a puree of fresh leafy spinach cooked with Lamb $18.90
LAMB or BEEF do PYAZA (Med)(Gluten free) Cooked with onion, tomatoes and capsicum touch with garlic and ginger $18.90
LAMB OR BEEF KORMA(Mild)(Gluten free) Marinated with yoghurt & spices, cooked with cashew paste in creamy sauce $18.90
BOMBAY BEEF (Mild)(Gluten free) Delicious mild beef curry with potatoes, cream flavoured with fenugreek $18.90
BEEF VINDALOO(Hot)(Gluten free) Authentic Goan dish, Diced with Beef cooked with potatoes & touch with vinegar & strong spices $18.90



SEA FOOD Description Price..
PRAWN OR FISH MALABARI(Mild)(Gluten free) Popular West coastal sea food dish , PRAWN or FISH, Cooked with coconut and mustard. $19.90
PRAWN OR FISH GARLIC TADAKA(Mild)(Gluten free) Marinated Fresh PRAWN or FISH sauted with garlic & finished with tomatoes and spices $19.90
FISH OR PRAWN PULUSU(Gluten free) Authentic Andhra delicacy. Fresh PRAWN or FISH cooked in spicy tamarind sauce $19.90



VEGETARIAN Description Price..
NAVARATAN KORMA(Mild)(Gluten free) Fresh vegetables cooked in a cashew based sauce with a dash cream & garnished with dry fruits & nuts $16.90
MALAI KOFTA (Mild) Mixture of home made cheese, potatoes with dry nuts & deep fried , cooked $16.90
ALOO MUTTER or PANEER MUTTER (Med)(Gluten free) A rich curry with green peas, potatoes or cottage cheese finished with tomatoes $16.90
PANEER PALAK or ALOO PALAK(Med)(Gluten free) Traditional Punjabi style Spinach cooked to give a rich taste of fried cubes of cottage cheese or potatoes $16.90
DAL HANDI(Mild)(Gluten free) Yellow Lentils cooked on low fired & tempered with mustard & cumin seeds garnished with tomatoes & fresh coriander $16.90
PUMPKIN MASALA (On Avaliability)(Gluten free) An authentic homely made pumpkin dish cooked with Tamarind sauce, mustard and tomatoes $16.90
BAINGAN GUJARATI (Mild) (On Avaliability)(Gluten free) Chef’s Special, EggPlant cooked with onions, tomatoes, dry fruits & nuts $16.90
GOBI LUCKNAWI(Med) (On Avaliability)(Gluten free) A popular dish, Cauliflower & potatoes cooked with authentic spices makes a semi curry. $16.90
CHANA MASALA (Med) (Gluten free)(NEW) North Indian Popular dish, chickpeas cooked in onion &tomatoes with special spices. $16.90



Roti Ki Tokri
BREADS Description Price..
NAAN Flat bread made of plain flour cooked fresh in the tandoor $2.95
ROTI Flat bread made of whole meal flour cooked in the tandoor $2.95
GARLIC NAAN Tandoori naan sprinkled with crushed garlic & cooked in tandoor. $3.95
VEGETABLE STUFFED PARATHA Tandoori naan stuffed with a mixture of spicy vegies & cooked in the tandoor. $4.95
PANEER KULCHA Tandoori naan stuffed with home made cheese & spices, cooked in tandoor $4.95
KASHMIRI NAAN A mixture of dry fruits, nuts & coconut encased inside a naan and cooked in tandoor $4.95
KEEMA NAAN Tandoori naan stuffed with spicy Lamb mince and cooked in tandoor $4.95
MURGH NAAN Tandoori chicken pieces mixed with spices and stuff in a naan $4.95
CHEESE N SPINACH NAAN Tandoori naan stuffed with a mixture of cheese and spinach sauteed in delicious spices. $4.95



Basmati Khajana
RICE Description Price..
BIRYANI Sixteenth century spicy Moghal dish. Layers of delicately flavoured curried meat and pulav rice. Your choice of chicken. $18.00
KASHMIRI RICE Basmati rice an array of exotic dry fruits and nuts $8.00
COCONUT RICE Basmati rice sauteed with mustard and curry leaves cooked with coconut cream $8.00
LEMON RICE South Indian popular dish, rice sauteed with mustard, cumin and spices. $8.00
JEERA RICE Basmati rice sauteed with cumin seeds & garnished with coriander $8.00
BASMATI RICE(Per Person) Cooked plain Basmati rice $2.95



PAPPADUMS(4 Pieces) $2.95
RAITHA $2.95
MIX-SIDE DISH PLATTER(Pappadams, raitha, kachumber) $11.90
DIPS PLATTER(NEW)(Mint Sauce, Date & tamarind Chutney, Chilli Mayo) $8.90


Description Price..
GULAB JAMUN Deep fried home made, spongy milk balls soaked in cardamom flavoured golden syrup served with vanilla ice-cream $7.50
MANGO KULFI Creamy home-made mango flavoured Indian ice-cream Garnished with Mango slices $7.50
PISTACHIO KULFI Creamy home-made Indian Ice-cream garnished with Pistachio nuts $7.50
ICE CREAM & TOPPINGS Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry or Caramel $7.50



BEVERAGES Description Price..
NIMBU PANI A cooling appetizer. Fresh lemon juice with a touch of sugar, salt & spices $4.00
LASSI(Sweet/Mango/Vanilla/Strawberry) A traditional yoghurt drink with your choice of flour similar to a thick taste $5.90
TEA or COFFEE $3.50



CURRY AND RICE(Serve With Pappadum) Price..
Butter Chicken with Rice $9.90
Rogan Josh with Rice $9.90
Bombay Beef with Rice $9.90
Beef Vindaloo with Rice $9.90
Vegetable Korma with Rice $9.90



SPECIAL Description Price..
Top’s Special Tandoori chicken mixed with fresh salad & mint sauce rolled in tandoori naan $9.90
TANDOORI CHICKEN & NAAN 1 Piece tandoori chicken served with mint sauce and a plain naan $9.90
VEGIE/KHEEMA SAMOSA & SALAD 2 Samosas served with mint sauce & salad $9.90
PARATHA & RAITHA 2 Veggie or kheema parathas served with raitha $9.90


*CORKAGE – $1.50 Per Person
*Public Holiday Surcharge – $1.50 Per Person
*All Halal meat is served
*(Only applicable on SAT, SUN & Public holidays)
Prices are subjected to avaliability & may change without notice.